(Part 2)

This article is part 2 in a series. Read part 1 here.

The ability to think creatively doesn’t always just come at the snap of a finger. To keep your imagination active, you need to do certain things on a regular basis to exercise those muscles (or neural pathway connections ) in your brain. Here’s 5 (more) ways you can do this.

You’re not getting in the zone

Participate in an activity that you can zone out in. Something you can do without thinking, like knitting, painting, or washing the dishes. These types of repetitive tasks give your mind an opportunity to roam free and daydream.

You need to change up your environment

(Part 1)

Recently, I stumbled into a bit of a writer’s block in one of my personal projects. I’ve loved writing since I was young. But at that time, it seemed so much easier to come up with creative ideas. Sure, they might’ve been silly, unrealistic ideas-but there is no doubt they were creative.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed a gradual change in my writing. Of course, in some ways this has been good-I’ve learned how to sound better on paper, and I’ve learned to toss the ideas that don’t work so well. But a downside to this has meant that…

And How I’m Still Re-Learning That Lesson Every Day

As a brand new runner on the cross country team in high school, I was inexperienced and slow (okay, I’m still slow). I was often last or second-to-last place on our team. And I was okay with that. I had never been very athletic before. So I was learning a new skill, strengthening new muscles, and just enjoying the ride and the thrill of it all.

At one point during a race, I could hear my coach yelling to me as I passed her. At first I couldn’t quite make out what she had said. But as she repeated it…

You know what it is. We’re all guilty of it from time to time. But there might be some aspects behind it that could give you (and me) new insights into how to conquer the ultimate productivity killer: PROCRASTINATION.

Many people think of procrastination as simply a flaw in willpower or time management skills. And for many, that may be all it is. But for others, it can go much deeper than that. Sometimes it can even become a serious problem that puts strains on academic performance, career development, and even relationships.

There are actually many different types of procrastinators

A lot goes into creating a marketing strategy. It can easily become complicated and overwhelming. There’s so much to do and so many channels and best practices to keep track of.

So, how do you simplify all the chaos?

We’d argue that the best place to start is with your “why.” Once you get back to the root of your original purpose, you’re much better able to prioritize what matters and what doesn’t. And you may just happen to feel more motivated, too.

Perhaps you’ve heard of this “Start with Why” concept. It originated from Simon Sinek in his TED…

It’s no secret that it’s been a stressful year…

Understatement of the century. So scratch that-it’s been one of the most depressing, gut-wrenching, angering, exhausting, painful years many of us have ever experienced. Yes, people have been through worse throughout the world’s history. But this time, we’re all going through it together (and yet still, we’ve become so divided).

There may not be any quick, easy answers for how to escape the messes we’ve gotten ourselves into this year. …

It’s October of 2020. The presidential election is approaching. We’ve lived through months of discouragement and division. We’ve seen how the events of this year have spurred arguments on top of arguments about coronavirus, Black Lives Matter, police reformations, climate change, natural disasters, abortion, Trump vs. Biden, and more. Debating the issues at hand is important as we work toward solutions. But there’s a key aspect of effective debate and problem-solving that’s largely missing right now. And that is empathy.

What is empathy? Let’s start by defining it’s slightly shallower cousin, sympathy. Sympathy is trying to predict how you might…

This article is part 2 in a series. Read part 1 here.

Occasionally, as we’ve planned trips to foreign countries, Kade and I have gotten wide-eyed responses from family and friends who know we’re not exactly rolling in the dough. “How can you afford that?” they ask. Well, we plan for it well, we save up our money throughout the year, and we use a handful of other tactics (as we’ll soon discuss). While it does take some forethought and preparation, enjoyable travel does not have to be unattainable.

Too often, we think of travel as the glamorous snapshots we glimpse on Instagram, showing off fancy resorts, extravagant outings, and expensive souvenirs…

I was 8 months pregnant, attending a career fair at a local university with my husband and some family. Everyone else was there actively looking for jobs — I was just along for the ride, the company, and the lunch we would have together afterward. I was freelance writing at the time, and planned to continue doing so after having our baby. But, while I was there, I thought, why not just have a look around at the companies and the positions they had open? My sister-in-law, who wasn’t actively job searching either, decided to join me, because it could…

Oh 2020-what a year. Don’t you just wish you could go on vacation somewhere exotic where coronavirus doesn’t exist and everyone is kind and things are just peaceful?

My husband and I had plans to visit Spain this year. But of course, the global pandemic had other plans for us. We’re sad we didn’t get to go, and we tried to find other ways to celebrate our would-be vacation. While we still have hopes of going eventually, we have no idea when that “eventual” day will come.

So maybe a typical vacation isn’t a possibility this year. But my guess…

Tiffany Park

Freelance writer. Udemy instructor. I write about content marketing, communications, parenting, and health & wellness. (And occasionally, some fiction).

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